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BathSound ® – Bluetooth Connectivity

BathSound ® – Bluetooth Connectivity

BathSound II® lets you play your music via wireless Bluetooth connection, log on with your Bluetooth device

A blue LED on the volume control, positioned on the bath will indicate the connection.

Listen to quality bathroom audio in stereo sound, with or without water in the bath.

No docking station. No ear phones. No cables. No speakers

BathSound® works on the same principle as a musical instrument such as the acoustic guitar or violin. using a patented electro-acoustic excitation device attached on either side of the bath, the whole body of the bath vibrates very slightly. And, just like the guitar or violin, these vibrations create a powerful and natural sound source

CE marked and approved for the bathroom environment.

Patented and Made in the UK.

BathSound ® is completely hygienic, needs no cleaning or maintenance, and is completely safe.

Customers have also fitted this system to Showers, Kitchen cupboards, Wooden floors, Bedroom head boards, Mirrors, Hot tubs, Saunas. Where will you fit BathSound


Please ring for advise if required. 01455 234205

Order BathSound II BathSound II System kit @ £325.00

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